What is it?


Welcome to My Exemption Check! We help homeowners maximize property tax savings through exemptions and portability.


Our user-friendly website offers a personalized questionnaire to uncover potential tax savings for your property.


Discover the benefits of portability, allowing you to transfer tax savings when you buy a new property in Florida, and our thorough process detects any errors in the portability amount.


Learn about Florida's Save Our Homes Act, which limits property assessment increases, protecting you from soaring taxes.

Why you need it

Property taxes can be confusing! We not only simplify the process but also identify the errors that could cost you THOUSANDS!


Discover valuable property tax savings with My Exemption Check.


Avoid missing out on entitled savings due to errors in market value assessments; we meticulously review the details for you.


Unlike title companies or realtors, we specialize in exploring individual details, ensuring you get the maximum benefits.


Stay informed about important filing deadlines with our expert guidance.


Don't let confusion and missed opportunities hold you back; trust us to maximize your tax savings and simplify the process.

How it works?

We deliver a step-by-step guide specific created for each individual outlining all the necessary steps required to not only lower your tax bill but prevent it from skyrocketing every year as property values increase.



Begin by filling out our user-friendly questionnaire on myexemptioncheck.com, providing essential property and personal details.


Team Research

Our team conducts personalized research to uncover all potential property tax savings available to you, while ensuring your portability amount is maximized.


Detailed Report

Receive a detailed custom report outlining all eligible property tax savings based on our comprehensive research.


Step-by-step Guide

Enjoy step-by-step guidance on how to successfully claim your tax savings, including staying on top of important filing deadlines with clear reminders in your custom report.


Direct Access

Access direct links to necessary forms, simplifying the application process for your exemptions.


Optional Filing

Opt for our optional filing service for added convenience, where our experienced team handles paperwork and submissions on your behalf.

Client Testimonials

"I owe a huge debt of gratitude to My Exemption Check and my amazing realtor! When my realtor suggested using their service to maximize my property tax savings, I was intrigued. Little did I know that I would uncover a treasure trove of exemptions I didn't even know existed. With their help, I managed to reduce my taxable value by an astounding $300,000! I am forever grateful for both my realtor's recommendation and My Exemption Check's expert guidance."

Sarah W.

“A big thank you to my realtor for recommending My Exemption Check! I was skeptical at first, but their personalized service blew me away. Not only did I discover property tax savings options I had never considered, but I also found out about 'portability' that I didn't even know I had. Thanks to their diligence, I reduced my taxable value by $200,000!I can't thank my realtor and My Exemption Check enough for helping me save so much!"

John M.

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